Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"What is it that you will do with your one wild and precious life?

What I would like to do with my one and precious life is say I love you to my family and the people closest to me because I only have one life and why waste it on doing things I will regret when I could be using my life doing good things with it. Since I've almost done things that I would regret I would like to stop the bad things and start doing the good things.
A kid that wants to change

It’s 6pm, Chris and Zack were walking home from hanging out. As they are walking home they see William Winkelman. As they try to get closer and trying to be as sneaky as possible. Chris steps on a stick. William turns around looking nervously as he sees Chris and Zack. When Zack’s cover is blown he pushes William into an alleyway.

“Why didn’t you give me your lunch money today” said Zack angrily.

“I-I-I brought my own lunch t-today” said William looking nervously.

“That still counts!” yelled Zack.

A couple minutes pass as Zack and Chris stare at William with a devilish glare. They start walking towards William clenching their fist. William starts to back up ready to run. William looks behind him to make sure he doesn’t run into anyone as soon as William turns around he get knocked to the ground.

“Ow! you know what for a NERD you’ve got a pretty hard head” said Chris shaking his hand from the hit.

“You should of never hit me then you-” said William as he gets cut off from Zack knocking him to the ground.

“I wouldn’t get back up if I were you” said Zack staring at him with a clenched fist.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” yells a stranger as he starts running towards the fight.

Zack and Chris turn around and start bolting down the alleyway.

“Are you ok sir?” asked the stranger fixing his ripped up coat.

“No i’m not okay didn’t you just see what those boys did to me” said William looking at the man furiously.

“No sir I just saw you three by my house and I came to stop it i’m sorry”,said the old man looking down at his cardboard box.

“But I do thank you for your kindness” said William holding out his hand to give the guy a handshake.

After that thank you William starts to walk home holding his face. He looks at his watch 7pm “Oh snap I’m going to be late for dinner” said William anxiously  as he started running home.

As Zack and Chris stop running from the stranger and head on to the street they start walking home. While they are walking Zack sees a homeless guy sitting on the wall. Zack takes out all of his money that he got from chores and gives it to the old guy.

“Thank you kind sir” said the man sitting in a blanket smiling.

As soon as Zack's done giving his money to the guy Chris kicks the can over.

“Hey! What are you doing?” said Zack looking at Chris like he was a maniac.

“What are you talking about he’s just like the nerds at school” said Chris confused.

“You know what Chris i’m done being a bully and being your friend people should be treated with respect not hate” said Zack clenching his fist.

“Then what did you just do back there,it looked like to me that you beat the nerd up pretty bad” said Chris trying to prove his point.

“Yeah, but that's the past I don’t anyone to be like my brother” yells Zack as he punches Chris in the face.

Zack looks at his fist then walks away. As soon as Zack get home he heads straight towards the his room.Then he looks at the picture with Chris  on his drawer and rips it up. Then he looks at his brothers picture on his drawer and cries. I should of helped him thinks Zack as he takes the picture, clenching his fist then heads to bed and falls asleep with tears rolling down his face.
The Haunted School

“Dexter wake up!” yelled Mr. Jones “This is school not nap time.”

“What do you want i'm trying to sleep” said Dexter half asleep.
“Ok then why we see what Mr. Garfield has to say about you sleeping in class” said Mr Jones pointing towards the door.

“Whatever” said Dexter walking out the door in the hall.

As Dexter is walking down the hall he hears weird whispers.

“Get out of my school”

“Wait what was that” says Dexter looking down the hall.

A couple hours pass as Dexter's sitting in a chair in front of Mr. Garfield.

“So you're falling asleep again in class-”

As Mr. Garfield is scolding Dexter, Dexter thinks about what that voice was in the hall.

“Dexter!” yelled Mr. Garfield” Are you even listening,you know what just go back to your class.”

Dexter jumps out his seat and opens the door. After he closes the door he tries to listen for the voice. Nothing. He got back to class and everyone was staring at him.
At lunch Dexter tries to convince his friends Felix,Rose,and Raven to go after school with him after closing hours.

“No way if you heard weird whispers in the hall then why would you want to go after school hours.” said Rose with a confused look.

The rest nod their head in agreement.

“But I have a feeling on who the ghost might be.” said Dexter.

“Then who could it be” said Felix.

“My gramps” said Dexter.

“There's no way it is him he died last year” said Raven.

“Exactly he dies last year from a heart attack” said Dexter.

“Dexter do you hear what you're saying” said Rose questionly.

“Yea i’m saying that I know that it's my gramps” said Dexter.

“We could at least check it out to see if he’s lying or not” said Dexter.

“I’m cool with it” said Raven.

“Alright I already have a plan on getting into the school, Felix you can hack into the school and open the doors right?” said Dexter.

“Yea that's easy” said Felix feeling proud.

“Alright then that's the plan for tonight” said Dexter.

5 hours pass as the four sit at the front door waiting for Felix.

“Alright i’m done” said Felix as he finishes typing.

As they enter the school they check the third floor first but don't hear anything.

As they get deeper into the school the darker it gets.

“Um I think we should go now” said Felix.

“No not until we see what's going on” said Dexter pulling Felix by his collar.

They start to travel more of the school trying to find out what was causing the weird noises. They get the the principal's office and find one of his grandpa’s old books.

“Hey guys look I found one of his books” said Dexter.

The others turn and stare at him frightened.

“Um Dexter look behind you” said Rose.

“What there's nothing ther-” says Dexter as he turns around and finds a ghost of his grandpa right behind him in his face.

“Get.. out..of.my..office!!” says Dexters grandpa.

“Not until you get out first” says Dexter clenching his fist.

“Plus how could you say that your own grandson!” said Dexter.

As Dexter lets his rage out on his grandpa he fades away. After that night there wasn’t any whispers in the halls.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Writing homewrok B (Ms. Whitman is the best)

The author uses scene more than summary because he/she uses a lot dialogue. Yes because he/she uses scene when they are talking to each other. He/she only uses summaries for thoughts and when they show what is wrong with them. Like in my book School of Fear when they get to the school and even before they are showing a lot of dialogue but when there wasnt that much thoughts. A scene is when the writer shows something without dialogue. A summary is when the author tells a scene without dialogue.